[ listen ] [ download ] — Time will erase every face and name

i. Stairway to the USSR Boogie Belgique ii. Toxic (feat. Cheesa) District 78 iii. Come As You Are Yuna iv. Black Valentine Caro Emerald v. Still Daughter vi. Kara Remembers Bear McCreary vii. The Mark Has Been Made Nine Inch Nails viii. Dead In The Water Ellie Goulding ix. Listen (Listen, Listen) Wintersleep x. Bernadette IAMX xi. All Is Hell That Ends Well Two Steps From Hell xii. Welcome To Bangkok Brand New

Title:Stairway to the USSR
Artist:Boogie Belgique
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Hiiiii! I just wanted to say thanks for posting that Bucky comics rec. I've been looking for something like that for a while and i'm so glad this exists! Thank you so much!

No problem, I was pretty much looking for an
excuse to dump all my Bucky comics somewhere,
and figured hell, might as well put ‘em on Tumblr
for everyone else

These are organized by the time period they start in, so Cap & Bucky starts the earliest in Bucky’s life, and it moves on from there. If anyone has any suggestions on something I should add, feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do.
(I know a lot of us can’t really afford to spend money on comics,
but if you can, support the comic industry and buy a few.

Captain America & Bucky
[ download 1-5 ]

Avengers: Invaders
download 1-12 ]

Captain America: Man out of Time
[ download 1-5 ]

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March
[ download 1-5 ]

Winter Soldier
[ download 1-19 + extra ]

All-New Invaders (ongoing)
[ download 1-8 ] [ 9 ] / issue 10 released on Sep. 24

[ listen | download | cover credit ] — discovering modern swing

Beatophone Caravan Palace // Sweet Sugar Swing Lyre Le Temps // Swing Thing (Radio Edit) 11 Acorn Lane // Andrew’s Break Algorythmik // Gangsterlove Alice Francis // Backsideofbody Think Twice // Dirty Laundry Bitter:Sweet // Fort Knox [2012 Edit] Goldfish // One More Time Dimaa // Gypsy Doodle Analogik // Mr & Mrs Swing (feat. Gabi Szűcs) Stereo Swing // Happy (ft. Derek Martin) C2C // The Beat Goes On Jojo Effect // Brotherswing Caravan Palace // La Voix Humaine (feat. Le Major Melon) G-Swing // Dixie Biscuit (42 Smile Remix) [feat. Henrik Wager] Tape Five // I’ve Got That Tune Chinese Man // Big Band Jump (feat. Dusty) Rube // The Other Way Round Gabin & China Moses // Memories Waldeck // Swingin’ (The Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones) Mudfoot Jones & The Basement Boys // Sally’s Dance (feat. Clea Panther) Parov Stelar // The Devil’s Swing SirensCeol // Don’t Stop Little Violet

[ Listen | Download ] —— he isn't his own; he's HYDRA's.

Glory & Gore[instrumental] Lorde // The Ruler & The Killer Kid Cudi // Crying Lightning[Aems Dubstep Remix] Arctic Monkeys // Weapons VI[Alias Remix] Son Lux // Everybody Wants to Rule the World[Dimond Saints Remix] Lorde // We Want War These New Puritans // Ghosts'n'one Deadmau5 & Sky Ferreria // Armory Daft Punk // I Come With Knives IAMX // Overdose Zomby // Cities in Dust The Everlove // Fistful of Silence The Glitch Mob

Title:Shut Up
Artist:Little Violet
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He finds it easy to criticize
But he’s feeling kind of queasy
When he wakes up to realize the race is over

You’re too late, and you finished last
There will be no time for rematch
To claim the sacred prize
Oh, you are left to your demise 

All you wanted was at your feet
But you crave more, and you cannot take the heat

Shut up, it’s time for me to do the talking

Title:Bone Digger
Artist:Bear Hands
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The lies, the lies, the bullshit and the lies
Like, “Oh, I could’ve died!”
Yeah, lucky to be alive



i…………FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





There were a few hipster Steve pics going around, and honestly seeing it just made me go I want to seE mORE 

/hides face in hands


Sebastian Stan, On set ofThe Winter Soldier"


Colored Liquids Create Gorgeous Rainbow Explosions In Water

by Mark Mawson 

Charles Francis Xavier: A Summary